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Prevention Is Better Than Cure and IoT Sensors Do It Better Than Ever

In the race to outdo their competitors, companies are using different tactics. From increasing the rate of production to employing new technologies, they are utilizing every trick in the book to come up trumps. While it is a good practice to increase the pace of development, it should never be at the cost of safety. But it has been seen that despite the establishment of regulatory bodies like OSHA and many others, accidents do take place, especially in those operations that are ramped up injudiciously. Most accidents are a result of lack of monitoring because companies simply cannot afford sufficient resources to look after their work. In these scenarios, installation of IoT sensors can be an efficient and cost-effective alternative.

Importance of IoT Sensors

As IoT (Internet of Things) becomes a modern-day phenomenon, the development of IoT sensors has gathered pace. Some of the most useful sensors available in the market are:
1.      Proximity Sensors
2.      Pressure Sensors
3.      Temperature Sensors
4.      Gas and Smoke Sensors
5.      IR Sensors

These sensors have found great use in many industries due to their accuracy and efficiency. Temperature sensors let you know about the temperature of your storage unit. So, when the temperature is above or below the pre-defined limit, the sensor activates and sends you a message on your workstation. In the same way, gas and smoke sensors inform you about any leakage or fire; thus, preventing the loss of valuable commodities through accidents.

Harnessing the Power of IoT Sensors

Although IoT sensors are potent in stopping accidents, they do require a sound IoT platform along with consistent data connectivity. Without the right IoT development solutions and infrastructure, you run the risk of intermittent failure of the sensors that will surely compromise even the best laid plans for workplace safety. 

Therefore, you should always pick and choose your IoT services provider with great care. Only when you have a stable IoT platform to empower your vision, you can expect to harness the true power of IoT.

What to Look for in your IoT Service Provider?

The market is filled with IoT services providers that boast of great track record. However, their success is based on different parameters like management, provisioning, automation of connected devices, data speeds, latency, data processing etc.  When it comes to empowering your IoT sensors, you require someone who understands the actual requirements of your business and has the ability to create tailor-made solutions that meet your unique needs.

Case in point being, your IoT services provider should be able to differentiate between the data connectivity requirements for an IoT car parking system and an IoT telematics use case. While the car parking use case can work well with slow data speeds and high latency, the telematics setup will not be much of a use if the data connectivity is not up to scratch. The same way, he should be aware of the scenarios that require average security and the ones that need higher levels of encryption.

A service provider should be capable of comprehending what is right for your business, so he can provision the appropriate bandwidth, security and other essentials for your specific requirements. Partnering with such a capable vendor not only increases the safety but also reduces the cost of operation considerably.


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